Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Updating the Blog:)

Kim and I went to Midway for a few days in March
Matt, Me, and J at Brianhead
Me on my first double black diamond
Matt and Stef were able to come to Utah in March!
Kimber and Kelsey's 21st Birthday Party
Ree, Me, Laura, Kim, Kels, and Dev drinkin Pina Coladas:)
Adam and I at Six Flaggs for my first time ever!
I got to go visit Adam, Matt, and Stef in Texas in June. This is on the Riverwalk
Matt took me on a ride on his bullet bike around Texas
Kim, Kels and I were able to spend a few days in Cali Woot!
Kels, Me, and Kim at Seaworld

Well, I'm finally deciding to take the time to update my blog now that finals are almost over. Since my last post about a year ago a lot has happened-I'll just post a little bit from the highlights of the year:) I am currently still going to school working toward my Bachelors of Accountancy at SUU. I finally decided to take a small leap and move to Cedar for a change. I moved here in January of this year and loved it at first! I hung out with my cousin Camille almost every night watching Gilmore Girls, painting our fingernails, and just having a blast! About a month after the move, our schedules got more demanding with work and school and we weren't able to hang out as much. I hadn't met many people here and things just weren't like I thought they were going to be. I was almost wanting school to end so that I could move back home where I was with everyone I knew. Now; however, I'm really sad that the semester is over because I've been having a blast up here lately. Isn't that how it always goes? Oh well, I'll be moving back in the fall:) I still work in St. George and make the commute every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I have discovered my new love in life down in St. George which has been keeping me down there more often. That love is ZUMBA!!! My sister Vanessa got me hooked. It's like a hip hop workout class and it's in a warehouse where there's graffiti all over the walls and we dance with the lights off and a disco ball going. Seriously, I've never loved a workout so much and it's right up my ally. If anyone ever wants to join, please come! You'll love it! I'm moving home this week for the summer which will be nice since the weather has been so horrible in Cedar this winter. I'm excited for the heat and to lose the commute for a while. This past weekend/week has been quite the ordeal trying to study for my finals. I'm happy to say that they've gone pretty good so far and I only have one more to go. Woot! I'm hoping to get a little more involved in school next semester by possibly joining a Sorority called Alpha Phi and I'd really love to join PAC which is an accounting club that helps you do a lot of networking and become more involved in the accounting world. I'm pretty excited about that! SUU is such an awesome campus and the people are super nice here. I love that! The atmosphere is a lot different from Dixie State and I feel like everyone is a lot more involved. My latest excitement in life is coming up this weekend and that's IRONMAN! I'm so excited that it's coming to St. George-what an amazing event for us to host! My sister Vanessa and I are volunteering from 4-11 and we're hoping to get a good shot at the athletes and how an Ironman works. I'm stoked! Everyone should come and check it out, it'll be such a blast!